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‘Asherah Comes Forth ~ Bringing Balance Into The World Through Divine Love’

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Asherah, the ancient goddess, God’s wife and beloved, was once worshiped alongside El in Israel.  Over time, she was edited out of the Bible by the patriarchy to rid history of any evidence of  20,000 years of Goddess worship.  Most often since, she has been translated as the ‘Tree of Life’.
There is a growing sentiment that our world is in great need of the feminine God presence to return to her place with her beloved; thus bringing balance to the world and to humanity through Divine Love.
This painting is my interpretation of this sentiment and of the resurfacing of Asherah into our consciousness after nearly six millennia.

Explanation of symbols:

Asherah is rising from the flames as the phoenix rises from the ashes & is reborn.
She, however, was never gone, but only from the consciousness of much of humankind,. This was due to the supreme efforts of those determined to erase her from the memory of the masses.
The flames indicate humanity’s suffering through thousands of years of imbalance in the world.
The waters represent the depth of emotions & compassion that our culture negates as weakness, but in truth, is tantamount to fully experiencing our humanity.
Now she rises in her fullness, bringing healing to all who have suffered in the flames.
She is as the earth ~ sacred and productive, and she embodies the landscape as Gaia.
The river of life flows through her, from the heights of the pure mountain streams to the depths of the salty seas. The trees turn green.  The mountains rise to the heavens and are touched with the magenta light of a new dawn.
Her hair ~ tendrils and curls of copper and bronze; alive, strong, full of electricity.
Her crown represents the ‘Tree of Life’.  Her rings & bracelets are simple but rich, and her robe is edged with gold and lapis.  She wears a wedding band on her ring finger signifying her sacred marriage to El.  The serpent on her wrist is the keeper of sacred knowledge, wisdom, & renewal.

As Asherah comes forth and is remembered, she rises toward the heavens, and we, in turn,  remember our Divine Inheritance.
The Star of David is the fusion of male and female in wholeness.  The inverse triangle is the chalice; Divine Feminine.  The upright triangle is the blade; Divine Masculine.  PERFECT UNION as Heiros Gamos.
The Yin Yang symbol is the whole in balance of light and dark; masculine and feminine.
The Sun and the Moon represent masculine and feminine, manifest light  & reflected light.
The bubbles hold images of couples in myth and history, who represent Divine Union.
There are many, but I have chosen four couples from different traditions for this painting:
Yeshua and Mary Magdalen ~ Christian Heresy
Radhe and Krishna ~ Hindu Myth
Solomon and Sheba ~ Old Testament, “Song of Songs”
Uther and Igraine ~ Arthurian Legends; ‘Mysts of Avalon’ version.
Asherah’s luminescent aura resonates in our hearts and throughout the universe, offering us transcendence through the experience of Divine Love, which is most available to us when we embrace the Feminine Face of God together with the Divine Masculine, as real and essential to our wholeness.
Baraka Robin Berger

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5 Responses to ‘Asherah Comes Forth ~ Bringing Balance Into The World Through Divine Love’

  1. Rev. Barbara says:

    I thank you for educating me about Ashera.
    Thank you.

  2. Sariyah Idan says:

    Thank you for this manifestation and interpretation of Asherah. Blessings…..

  3. Helen says:


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